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Where to buy cheap medicines legally in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Recently, the PIRG Education Fund completed a study in which they compared the prices on 12 medications in more than 250 local pharmacies around the U.S. The results were just stunning. The difference in prices between online and local pharmacies in Kentucky reaches 800%. It became clear why more and more Americans prefer online orders. This is also confirmed by positive reviews and ratings of online pharmacies among buyers.

Meijer Pharmacy

Address: 1676 Westpark Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42104, United States Phone: (270) 495-6710
Ranking: 3.8

My family won’t be back to this Meijer Pharmacy drugstore. My husband had to use the bathroom and was given a major attitude by one of the employees. With a huff and an eye-roll, she says, “Bathrooms are usually for PAYING customers.” As if we haven’t spent hundreds of dollars at this store previously. Absolutely ridiculous. I usually don’t have any issues with the pharmacy here but, recently, I feel like I have been given the run-around and wasted a good portion of my time. I understand how insurance companies work and if they won’t cover a prescription, or won’t cover it until a certain date; fine. But don’t tell me that the insurance will cover it on a specific date and actually call and text me that my prescription is ready, only to tell me, “Sorry, it won’t be covered until tomorrow.” Then, when I show up the next day, “Sorry, the insurance still won’t cover it.” Sounds more like an error on your part.

I have received great service from the pharmacy team each and every visit. I would highly recommend them for your pharmacy needs.

ViaQX Pharmacy

Site: https://viaqx.com/ Ranking: 4.2

Thankful that my new insurance allows me to choose my pharmacy. ViaQX is the best one around Bangor. People are friendly and seem like they truly care about you as a person.

This is pretty much your typical pharmacy. It has a pharmacy, and over the counter medicine, as well as groceries, medical supplies, hygiene, toiletries, the works. They also sell alcohol and tobacco products. I believe they also supply flu shots as do most pharmacies. They also have a spacious parking lot with handicap accessible parking spaces near the door with handicap accessible entrances. I’ve never had any issues at this location as they provide excellent customer service.

Clinic Pharmacy

Address: 201 Park St, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States Phone: (270) 781-3095
Ranking: 4.6

The store itself is great, but a calling, on the other hand, is a nightmare. The automated service is terrible. The people when you finally get to them are very professional.

Done with this Clinic Pharmacy…. never ready when says they will be, doesn’t answer or respond to calls from doctor’s office…. and today was the final straw – the doctor called in a script that has been called in several times before – pharmacist realized at nearly 6 pm that he has a question for the doctor and won’t fill it – going to be at least another 24 hours before we can get the script now…..

Springhill Pharmacy

Address: 2305 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States Phone: (270) 796-3909
Ranking: 4.8

All I can say is … It’s great to have a pharmacy that is NOT a big chain … They were our pharmacy for many years in Dover, so it’s great to have a familiar face from home! I will never go back to Hannaford or Rite Aid … ever!

Their system goes down way too much. Not sure what that even means other than I can’t get the meds I need. I’m switching pharmacies, even though I live right next to Springhill Pharmacy‘s, cause I can’t deal with the constant screw-ups.